Purple, the Hottest Color for Fall

Purple is one of my favorite colors and I’m thrilled to see it in style this fall. I’m also excited because purple looks fabulous when paired with grey, black, white, or even brown. In fact, the combination of Grey and Plum Purple is hot this season. Purple is an extremely versatile color, but if you happen to feel it’s not the perfect shade for your skintone, well, isn’t that what scarves, shoes and a great purse are for? Realize though, that I’m not talking about lavender. The hottest, trendiest shades of purple to wear this season are the dark “jewel” tone purples and plums. Gossip Girl’s costume designer said “the deep-purple plum color is really, really strong for fall.” If Hollywood says it, it must be true, right? Forget about the fact that they’ve been trying to stick us with Gladiator Boots…

Wear a deep plum purple longsleeve shirt like this one below and throw a scarf around your neck in a color more flattering to you:
PhotobucketThis V-neck Bellsleeve shirt is available here for only $10. Yes, $10…sizes are limited however, but still…TEN dollars to get the season’s hottest color.

If you need a dressier look and would like to try out purple, Diviine ModesTee has a plum purple dress as part of it’s new Sweet Innocence Dress line. The Purple Audrey dress is cotton jersey…so comfortable…and (I think) would look fantastic with slingback heels or a great pair of deep brown riding boots and purple tights.
purple audreyYou can find this dress here


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