Bon Voyage!

A sweet lady who proudly claimed she was 75 years old came into our store over the Black Friday weekend to purchase a swimsuit for a cruise that she was invited to go on with her daughter and Son-in-Law. This was her first cruise and it had been years since she had purchased or even worn a swimsuit.   Her first choice was our Raspberry/Raspberry Ice BowTie Tankini.  She had shopped our website prior to coming into our store, so she had a pretty good idea of what she wanted.  The raspberry color of the suit she picked was absolutely perfect with her porcelain skin and silvery-grey hair, and she prefered the Boy Brief and the matching swimskirt for extra modesty.  She tried on a second style of swimsuit, but quickly went back to her first choice.  “When you are as old as me you don’t have time to dither around with what you think you want”, she proudly declared as she purchased her suit.  I wished her well on her cruise and I will, without a doubt, be thinking of the warm climates of any “land where palm trees sway” when we get hit with our first snowstorm here in the Rocky States.  Mele kalikimaka, sister!


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