Fall Trends Based on Your Style

Each time the seasons change a new wave of trends hit the fashion scene and this fall is no exception. There are so many cute new items out there in the marketplace, how do you decide what trends to try and which to forgo? The answer is to find or select your fashion style and then pick the trendy items that coordinate with that style. Some of the fashion styles we see are:

  • The Romantic Look
  • Mod Retro
  • Bohemian Style
  • Classy Black
  • Military Chic

Many prefer to stick with one style that they are comfortable with, others celebrate a different style for each outfit. How you choose to express your style/s is of course, entirely up to you. But regardless of your style preferences we’ve outlined a few trendy pieces that you can add to your wardrobe to either create a style or update the one you already have.

The Romantic Look
The Romantic Look is characterized by ruffles, poet sleeves, 3/4 length Dolman sleeves and high collars. Delicately printed dresses and skirts, especially floral prints are hot items for the romantic look. A jacket like this cute one from Tabeez totally fits the bill…it has both ruffles AND beautiful sleeves. What could be better? You could also pick the Ruffle Blouse by Diviine Modestee (shown above). With its ruffled high collar and satin bowtie sleeves this blouse is the epitomy of the Romantic Look. It can be paired with a skirt (I posted previously about the lady I sat behind who wore this blouse with a velvet grey skirt and it was GORGEOUS!) and even jeans. Add a great silver chain necklace with an assortment of soldered silver charms and you are set.

Next post….Mod Retro. Stay tuned!


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