Fashion at the Polling Booth

Regardless of your political affiliation or leanings, Diviine ModesTee has the perfect outfit for you to wear to your voting precinct. Want to make a Republican Red Statement? Pair Diviine ModesTee’s white camisole with any number of red clothing items and accessories. But remember, too much red can be painful on the eyes so be sure to add in a touch of black, brown, cream or white.
Vote Red by SandyD
If your political leanings have you feeling a little blue try an outfit like the one below, again centered around a white camisole. Camisole’s are so versatile…we all know they can be worn under anything, worn over most and can save a shirt from being unwearably immodest to being absolutely perfect! Pair your Democratic blue with black and silver for a very stylish look. For even more of a statement on voting day, don some bright blue mascara, too!

Vote Blue by SandyD
Just remember that no matter your choice for President, Congress, or Proposition whatever…Diviine ModesTee has you covered.


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