Part 3 Fall Trends Based on Your Style

So far we’ve talked a little about the Romantic Look and the Modern Retro look so today it’s the Bohemian Look. Boho isn’t the hole-y, half-grunge look made famous by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Ditch anything you’ve ever thought about Olsen-fashion (or NON-fashion) and instead think Sienna Miller. People Magazine attribute the modern Boho look with Sienna:

“She was instrumental in popularizing the boho look that we are seeing now–the cowboy boots with the peasant skirt, the low-slung belt over a tunic, the newsboy cap mixed with a pirate shirt.

Copying Sienna’s look is simple and can be incorporated into your own style. First hair and makeup is simple. Second, think long, flowing, ruffled layers. Prairie skirts and cowboy boots. Denim and ruffled tops. I like to wear the skirt on the left with brown tights/leggings and cowboy boots, a brown layering shirt and another shirt/sweater on top. However, no Boho-Chic style is complete without with proper accessories. To finish off your Boho look add a few beaded necklaces or a skinny scarf and you are off and running! And don’t forget the big sunglasses…the bigger the better!


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