Wardrobe Basics for Fall

Fall is definitely in the air and with it comes the new trends and styles for the season. One of the best ways to showcase a trendy addition to your wardrobe is to pair that trend piece with a few simple basics that every wardrobe should have. Make these basics the best quality you can afford since you may be wearing them often.

1. Denim jeans, preferably skinny or straight leg
2. Pencil skirt-Black or a neutral tan
3. Black Leggings
4. Skimmer or ballet flats
5. Cardigan-This season’s trend is the 3/4 length sleeve
6. Long layering tanks and tees (white, black, cream and/or grey)
7. Camisoles-Again start with the basic colors listed above.
8. A great pair of boots
Personally my favorite discovery this fall is the legging. What a great way to make what would normally be a too-short dress into a trendy, modest, hip look! The legging used to be strictly for Hollywood Elite or teenagers, but not so any longer. And not only does the legging make a dress modest, but it covers up that extra thigh flab (not that I would know. *sshhhhh…..*)

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