Seen at the Fashion Show….

Television and print media like to make Fashion Shows out to be very glamorous.  Thin models, fashion runways, photo flashes, celebrities everywhere*…The reality is they are several days of WORK.  And several days of eyes and brains being assaulted by some of the weirdest/craziest fashion that can be found. For example,  as soon as I walked in to the Project at the Women’s Wear Daily LA Fashion Show in Las Vegas I saw this: 

Cowboy Ski Boots?

Check out the boots on that guy!

And I was stricken with a great idea…I was going to photograph all the crazy/unique/interesting fashions that I saw there.  But to tell you the truth, I ended up so mesmerized and involved in everything there was to see at the Fashion Show that I completely forgot!  So it’s a good thing that my friends** over at Thread Ethic (they don’t know I’m their friend, but whatevs!) have done the job for me, and with much better photos than my iPhone could possibly take.  Their first post in a series of photos that they took at the Fashion Show is about SHOES!  One of my favorite topics!  Go check it out!

*Never saw ANY celebrities 😦

**I know their Aunts/Uncles and Nieces…my son used to dance with Tay years ago.


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