Why You Need Blue

Blue is such a fabulous color.  For those of you Housewives fans, you probably noticed everyone showing up in blue for Adrienne’s dinner party a few weeks ago.  There’s a reason.  Anyone can wear blue.  Blondes, redheads, brunettes, pale skin, dark skin, blue eyes, brown eyes, green eyes. Blue is everyone’s friend.  Blue doesn’t discriminate and Blue will never let you down.

Blue is one of the Primary colors; and can range from light like a robins egg to deep and dark like the night sky.  Diviine Modestee has quite a few blue dresses, in several different hues and I’m going to highlight two of my favs:

This navy blue wrap dress on the right is the Taylor and it is a classic wrap dress.  The great thing about a wrap dress in general is that there is more versatility in sizing, so if you are like me and find your weight fluctuating according to whether Cadbury Mini-Eggs are in season or not, then this dress is a fantastic choice.

The dress below, is one of our newest designs called Serena. It’s not even available on our website yet!  But never-fear, you can still get this dress by calling our office.

As soon as this dress arrived in our warehouse i snagged mine and I absolutely LOVE it.  One of the best things about this dress:  you get to order it a size smaller than you normally would!  This dress makes me a Medium!  How can I complain about that??  On top of running a tad large, it is also extremely flattering on my problem area: the stomach.  It is such a beautiful and different shade of blue that it is a true stand-out.

Visit our website to see a few more dresses that Diviine Modestee offers in blue: the Brecken and the Madison.


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