Boot your Style into Fall

Fall is my favorite season.  Not so much for the changing leaves on the mountains, or the crisp evening air.  But actually more for the fashion options.  Shallow? yes, definitely!  I LOVE boots, tights and leggings.  I love skirts, skinny jeans and dresses.  And I love to mix and match them together:  Boots with skinny jeans, skirts with leggings and boots, dresses with tights and boots…see a common theme?  I love boots!  Pretty much any kind of boot.

In searching around the interwebs looking for great fashion pics of boots for a blog post (this one, actually) I found the post I had written in my head had already been written by Sheri Reed over at  Click on the photo below to go to her article:

Generally I prefer my skirts/dresses a little longer but I love this overall look!

While the article is dated 2010, it is still very relevant in 2011.  She gives 5 Basic Guidelines for pairing your boots with your skirts or dresses.  Read her article, it’s great.  Just don’t respond with a useless comment such as “I don’t own any” like a couple of people at the bottom of her article have.  If you don’t own any boots (or skirts. Or dresses), go get yourself some.  Stat!

And just for some absolute adorableness, I found this cutie-pie while googling “boots tights dresses”:

I want her outfit. Seriously!



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