Diviine Digest-October 7

Here’s where you can find the “best of”, and “my fav’s!” from all Diviine Modestee’s social sites…the Diviine Digest.  Welcome to Volume 1, Issue 1.

Quote of Week:  Love Drew Barrymore!  I just can’t help it, she’s adorable and sounds so very wise in this quote:

“When I lay my head on the pillow at night I can say I was a decent person today.  That’s when I feel beautiful.”  Drew Barrymore

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Best From Facebook:  One of the things I love to link on our Facebook Page are some of the unique things/suggestions/how-to’s/etc that come my way.  Hopefully our fans feel the same and enjoy these posts.  Here’s a great one from this past week:  Easy Way To Carve Pumpkins Using Cookie Cutters

Pumpkin Carving with Cookie Cutters

YouTube:  If you haven’t already, please take a minute and watch the video of Daniel’s Fundraising Event.  With the help of our customers we were able to give Daniel’s family a sizeable donation to help in his care.

Fashion Blog of the Week:  I MUST start out this first Diviine Digest by recommending what is, IMO the best Fashion Blog around: J’s Everyday Fashion.  J says about her blog:

“… not a personal style blog. You can think of it as a how-to fashion magazine with a personal twist – J uses items from her own closet to illustrate different styling tips or try out new trends to see if they work for the everyday woman! At its core, J’s Everyday Fashion was created to inspire women to have fun with fashion and to address the serious lack of practical style advice in America. Most people can’t afford a personal stylist, and fashion magazines and blogs are full of fantasy fashion that is too expensive and not obtainable for 99% of women. The self-proclaimed Rachael Ray of fashion, J teaches budgeting and styling skills to women on her blog…”

I love her blog because it’s fashion I would/do wear, often with stuff I already have.  Best of all, she has a realistic “normal” budget.  I should warn you: if you react to triggers such as “Banana Republic”, “Boots”, and “Shopping”, DO NOT CLICK THE LINK! (here’s the link again, in case you missed it: J’s Everyday Fashion).

What do you think?  Do you like it as much as I do?

Best Random StumbleUpon:  You can waste hours (literally!) using Stumble.  Now you don’t have to!  Just let me do the work for you 🙂  Best of Stumble this week is some amazing photographs from a photographer named Pedro Terrinha.  His photos are gorgeous.  You won’t be sorry you took a peek.  Aren’t his photos amazing?

Ugly Fashion Item of the Week:  There’s just not really much to say about these boodals.  Boots+Sandals.  Haven’t heard of a boodal?  That’s because they don’t exist, and shouldn’t.  Except for this random pair below:

If you don’t wear shoes like these, congratulate yourself.  Job well done!

I hope you’ve enjoyed our first installment of Diviine Digest.  It was a great week for us at Diviine Modestee and hopefully a great week for you as well.


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