Diviine Digest-9/15/11

Yea, yea…it’s the 17th.  I know that.  Just pretend with me, Ok? 🙂  I’m late getting this installation of our Daily Digest up but my excuse is a good one: my daughter’s 12th birthday party.  Fifteen “tween” girls, pizza, junk food galore…Let’s just say that I earned my “Awesome Mom” badge and it was well deserved.

Anyway, moving on to our best of last week…here goes:

Photo of the Week:  As many of you know, we recently ran a drawing for a free swimsuit. The entry was a photo of yourself wearing one of our Divinita Sole Swimsuits and we’ve been highlighting these photos on Facebook.  Last week I posted Nina’s photo, which is a gorgeous photo of her and her daughter playing in the water. I have really enjoyed all the photo entries, but I really loved this photo for

Divinita Sole Swimwear

Nina and her daughter

the interaction it shows between Nina and her little one.

Best of Facebook: We had an informal poll “Candy Corn, Yea or Nay” on our Facebook wall.  So far the Yea’s seem to have it!  Long live Candy Corn! If you have a strong opinion about Candy Corn and  want to add your opinion to the mix, click here: Candy Corn Poll.

Fashion Blog of the Week: I’m going to have to do another shout-out (not stalking, I promise!) to MaskCara.com because Cara has completely changed my life with her tanning tutorial. I’m a pasty-whitey and have tried tanning products for years but always ended up splotchy or streaky.  One of our faithful Facebook Fans is a friend of the blog author and linked her and I have been in love ever since! (Again, in a totally non-stalking way)

Ugly Fashion Item of the Week:  For you DIY-ers, please do not try this at home:

Fashion don't for Fall

Fringed Shorts

I know you may be tempted, but no.  Just  no.

And they’re high-waisted too!  Ugh! 🙂

Best Random  StumbleUpon: I thought this idea was so clever.  How to Make Bracelets from Old T-Shirts.  Now THIS is a do-it-yourself project I can fully endorse.  If your daughter is like mine, they get t-shirts from every activity that they do: camp, dance, travel souvenirs, etc.  Making a quilt (which is an AWESOME idea) is so far out of my skill league, but a braided bracelet…that I can do.  And look how cute:

DIY t-shirt bracelets

T-shirt Bracelets

This idea is from WeHeartThis.com  Be sure to check out their website for other fun stuff.

Quote of the Week: Again, from our Tumblr photo blog site, my vote for best quote of the week is this quote from Zac Efron: “You don’t really know how beautiful a girl is until you meet her. All her beauty is in her personality.”

And that’s it for Volume One, Issue 2 of Diviine Digest.  Have a fantastic week, everyone!


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