Diviine Digest-10/23/11

Wow, the week really seemed to go by fast! I’m sure it’s because I was late getting up last week’s Diviine Digest.  Here it is the end/beginning of the week again, already!  I’m going to mix things up and start with our Ugly Fashion Item of the Week:

Behold, the Breast Pillow:

Breast PillowI didn’t know my girls needed their own special pillow.  I think if I wore this to bed my husband would laugh me out of the room.  HOWEVER…after looking in the mirror this morning and seeing (sadly!) a lot just a few vertical chest wrinkles, I am almost tempted to give this a try, regardless of how silly I may look.

Photo of the week:  This photo is from the photo shoot we did last week for our up-and-coming new dresses.  I thought this picture turned out fantastic.

MaKailee in Chestnut Brown

MaKailee in Chestnut Brown

I especially love that she’s wearing my accessories, haha! 😉  You can’t see the earrings but trust me, they are awesome!

Best of Facebook:  I started a new Post Series on Facebook that I kind of like, but then again, I’m a shoe-addict:  Choose the Shoes.  There weren’t a lot of responses because I linked it wrong, so if you’d still like to let your taste in shoes be known, click the link or pic and pick your favorite pair!  We’ll be doing this periodically, so watch for Choose The Shoes on our Facebook.

yellow dress shoes, yellow polka dot dress

Choose The Shoes-Which would you wear with this dress?

Fashion Blog of the Week:  This blog isn’t a “fashion” blog per se, but hair is fashion, right? So I’m including it here.  CuteGirlsHairstyles.com is an awesome site that has let my 12-year-old daughter finally trust that I can actually do girls’ hair.  She picks a style off the website and then I do it on her head.  My daughter has the most beautiful head of naturally curly blonde hair…someday I’ll post a picture…and previously she wouldn’t let me do anything “fun” with it, which just about killed me.  Then my husband (yep!) found this website and I’ve been creating magic ever since!  So if you want to learn how to do hairstyles like this below, follow the link to her blog.  She has a YouTube channel and a Pinterest as well, and although the hairstyles look complicated, her how-to videos make them simple.

How to do a waterfall braid


Best Random StumbleUpon:  Do you like funny, clever, creative and inspirational videos but hate that some are not “safe for family” and worse yet that the comments are downright disgusting? <—stupid YouTube commenters, I’m talking to you!

Then you’ll love Wimp.com.  I won’t admit to how much time I wasted watching videos one evening, but not one was NSFW,K’s or Family.  My daughter’s favorite: A Penguin’s Life of Crime.

I’ll leave you with our Quote of the Week from our Tumblr Photo Blog: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye.” ~Miss Piggy

Have a great week everyone!


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