25% coupon codes!

If you were one of the Facebook followers who invited 5 friends to like our page, please leave a comment on this thread so we can email you your coupon code good for 25% off all dresses AND clearance!

25% coupon code

If you want to earn a coupon for 25% off just get 5 of your friends to like our Facebook page.  They will need to click on the Contest Tab and enter your name.  Once 5 of your friends have entered your name, come leave us a message here so we can send you your code!



5 thoughts on “25% coupon codes!

  1. I got 5 friends to like your page! Although, they said they were having trouble getting my name in the contest box. Do you need their names? I’m so excited for my coupon!

  2. I got 5 friends to go check out your page and like it! I am so excited for my 25% off coupon so I can buy a dress from you guys!

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