Review of the Serena

One of our fans, Xenia over at is sponsoring a review and a giveaway (a GIVEAWAY!) of one of our dresses.  She smartly choose the new Serena, which is hands-down my all-time favorite dress so far.

She has this to say, among other things of course, about the Serena:

Each time that I’ve worn this dress around, I’ve been impressed with how I’m able to look put together while feeling extremely at ease.

…which is the one thing that I am always thinking when I wear this dress: that I’m 100% comfortable.  The length is just perfect, so I’m not always yanking on it, the neckline fits and covers without a second thought and because it’s such a gorgeous dress I am also 100% comfortable with the fact that I look AMAZING when I wear it!

Just look how beautiful Xenia is:

 (btw…LOVE your hair Xenia!)

You can click on the picture to go to her website and read the full review.  You can also enter on her website for a giveaway, woot!  Extra entries for liking our Facebook page (if you don’t already) and following us on Twitter.

Or, you can go straight here: Sweet Innocence Dresses and buy this great dress right NOW! Use couponcode FREESHIPPING2011 for….free shipping!

And be a pal and tell your friends about her great giveaway at


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