Another Dare to Compare

Our purpose for these Dare to Compare posts are two-fold: We really want our customers to know and realize the value of the dresses that they have purchased and are wearing, and we also want to let our potential new customers know that our brand and our dresses are to be truly trusted as a source of high-quality fashion. After all, our company motto is “Designing to a Higher Standard” and our designer takes this truly to heart.

Here’s a great dress from Nordstroms by Karen Kane:

I’m a little mesmerized by the shoes, because I LOVE them so……OK, this dress is sold for $118. It is described as:

“Karen Kane Faux Wrap Jersey Maxi Dress: A front slit creates a peek-a-boo glimpse of leg while adding ease of movement to an effortless maxi dress in slinky stretch jersey.

It’s a very pretty dress and a gorgeous navy color.  Now compare it to our Grace Dress:

Diviine Modestee sells this dress for only $72.  From our website, this dress is described as:

“Sleek v- neck faux wrap dress with chiffon trim for a soft, elegant touch. Perfect waist fit for a flattering silhouette.”

Both are made with Jersey fabric, which gives a soft and sleek look.  But ours has added chiffon trim at the neckline all the way down that edge and also along the bottom and the sleeves.  This chiffon trim gives this dress a bit of a fancier look.  Ours is a little shorter (easier to get around AND show off your shoes), sleeves are full-length rather than 3/4-length, but other than that, there is not a ton of difference!  Well, except for $46.00!!

If you want to look at a few of our other designer dress comparison’s, there’s one for the Vanessa and also for the Serena.


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