Christmas Candy Traditions

We all know that Christmas is a time of giving and also a time of yummy candy!  Favorites in my house growing up were Divinity and Peanut Brittle. Divinity was my dad’s favorite (probably still is) and Peanut Brittle was my mom’s (probably still is, ha!).

divinity recipe, divinity, holiday candy

Click on the pic for the recipe courtesy of foodnetwork!

Between the two, I prefer Peanut Brittle, though….

peanut brittle recipe, peanut brittle
Click for recipe courtesy of allrecipes

As a kid, I especially loved the end, when the Baking Soda fizzes the whole thing up!

Not that I make any of these, haha! See previous “Lazy Christmas Elf” post…

What’s your favorite holiday candy? My daughter is reading over my shoulder and says her fav is Oreo Truffle Balls. I hadn’t heard of this deliciousness until our accountant brought some into the office one day.  I went straight home and made a batch.  And shared some of it with the kids and husband.






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