What would YOU do with some extra ca$h?

blue bridesmaid dress, suzi chin, nordstrom
One of our newest dresses in this season is the Sabrina.  This dress is absolutely gorgeous!  But you can see that from the photo on the right.  What you may not be able to see are the details that make this dress both high-quality AND a great price.  Take a look at the info-graphic above and compare the two dresses side-by-side.
Then take a look at the backside (the backside of the comparison dress is plain, boo!):
And then ask yourself: “Why would I spend $44 more???”
I went straight to google to help you find some ideas for that extra $44 you’ll have lining your pocket:
  • A dental exam
  • An icecream maker
  • Pair of Angry Birds fuzzy pj pants
  • A Universal Remote
  • A pair of Tom’s Shoes
  • One-hour facial
  • An artificial plant
  • An I ♥ NY shirt for your dog
  • Clinique moisturizer

Surely there is someone on your shopping list this season who could use one of those items.  By purchasing this dress for yourself, you’l be able to afford a great gift for a friend, too!  See how that works? 🙂


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