Please don’t become a Fashion Trend

Recently, I’ve noticed a trend on one of the websites that I purchase from frequently…pants and jeans with super-low crotches. The drop-crotch jean. I thought it was just this particular company trying to be trendy and fashion-forward, but no…apparently not. A quick Google search for “Drop Crotch Pants” showed me that drop-crotch pants are all over the place on fashion websites.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

drop crotch pants

I just can’t. Proportions are so off.  I’m sure they are comfortable…no camel toe, no worries about too tight in the bum.  But still…I really just can’t with these.

How about you, is this a fashion trend that you will try?  do you like it? hate it?



3 thoughts on “Please don’t become a Fashion Trend

  1. These pants are amazing! I bought a pair 18months ago in Asia and need a new pair because I have worn them to death, so, happy they are becoming fashionable because they have been quite difficult to find. Need to be the right cut, not too much of a sag but they are super comfortable! The ensemble needs to appear effortless and relaxed to pull these off, otherwise it can be a fine line into fashion police territory!

    • Hi Bea, they have definitely become more in style than they were when I first wrote about them. I actually wouldn’t bat an eye now if I saw someone wearing them. I agree about the outfit needing to look effortless. Thanks for your comment!

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