Fun Spring Makeup!

I think we all occasionally get in a funk in regards our beauty products. It can get boring, at least for me, to grab the same color of eye shadow and put it on day after day after day (ok…sometimes only on Sundays!)  If you feel like you are in a makeup rut and doing your makeup makes you feel like this:

spring makeup

I feel the same way sometimes, sweetie.

Then hopefully these fun Spring makeup trends will get you excited for makeup once again!  Spring is always a time for  renewal and change.  It’s the perfect time to get your rejuvenation on.  Here’s what’s up for 2012:

1.  The Nude or Fresh Face.  Seen all over the runways recently was the Fresh Face or Nude Face.  For me, this look has been around for a while, haha!

Sheer foundation, tinted moisturizer, soft eyebrows and pink lips are the basics of the Nude/Fresh Face.  However, I’ve heard it on good authority that to do this style of makeup it takes just as long as a “full face”… boo!

2.  Metallic Eyes: A bit of metallic shine adds sparkle and shimmer can be really refreshing and fun.  Paired with a pretty pink lip, this look has a fresh and natural feel.

Silver metallic makeup

So if you’ve been holding on to that silver shadow from the 80’s that you loved and waiting for it to make a re-appearance, now is the time!  (just kidding, throw out your old makeup! ICK!) Sheer washes of silver can really sparkle up the eye, and blended well, the shine looks like it’s coming from within.

3.  Bold Red: Red appeared all over the fashion runways on anything from eyes to lips to nails.  This makeup trend is inspired by the ever-fun Vintage/Retro fashion.  Have thinner lips like me? Go for red nails!  I think red eyeshadow goes without saying….don’t.

4.  Pops of Color: Your Nude Face doesn’t have to be totally nude.  This is my personal favorite and in my opinion very perfect for Spring.  Pops of color can be added best on the eyes in either shadow sweeping into the crease or as liner, take your pick.

5.  Doll Lashes: Love this one as well! Everyone wants long lashes whether real, prescription-enhanced, extensions or fake.  This trend is also a result of the Vintage/Retro fashion trend, and can be a great look combined with red lips for a full-out retro vibe.

Retro lashes

We’ve put together a collection of our favorite products to help you achieve any of these trends and hopefully get you excited and galvinized (thanks!) for the upcoming Spring.  While none of these are necessarily new products, they still incorporate really well into 2012:

Spring Makeup Trends

Couple of comments…

RapidLash really does work.  I’ve used it for over a year now and people always comment on the length of my lashes.  Available at  The box and website say you notice a difference in 6 weeks, but for me it took a while longer, but then it was pretty dramatic.  It just really depends upon your eyelash growth cycle.

One of the best-kept makeup secrets is PureLuxe Mineral Makeup.  The BEST thing about this brand? they offer sample sizes of their mineral eyeshadows for only $1 each and these sample sizes last forever!  This way you can try out a bunch of different Pops of Color for your eyes without spending a fortune on what may be a trend.


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