Why kiss? Here’s a few good reasons

Happy Valentine’s Day to all our fabulous fans and followers!  Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your honey or whether you un-valentine, it never hurts to peck a few lips and here’s why:

1. Burns Calories.  Really, what’s funner a kiss or two, or time on the treadmill?  My vote is definitely a kiss or two, which will actually burn about 2 calories per minute.  Not much, but if you kiss for a while….well…you get the idea.

2. Better Dental Visits. The last thing you are thinking of while kissing a loved one is your teeth, other than how clean they are, but it’s true. Kissing results in more saliva being produced which in turn results in killing more mouth bacteria.  Just please make sure you don’t drool…

3.  It’s a Natural Pain Killer.  The next time you stub your toe or have a migraine, give a good smooch.  Kissing releases oxytocin, dopamine and endorphins.  Dopamine is responsible for feelings of pleasure and endorphins are known to relieve pain in the body and also lead to feelings of euphoria.  Perhaps this is why (true story) I actually had a doctor tell me to “visit my husband” the next time I had a migraine.  I never went back to him, but maybe he was actually on to something!

4.  Kissing is a Stress Reducer.  The oxytocin that our brain creates increases as we kiss.  Oxytocin is the hormone thought to reduce stress and also increase feelings of happiness.  

5.  Increases Your Emotional Connection.  The most important reason to kiss for sure!  Cavities, stress and pain aside, being emotionally connected to those we love is the BEST side effect of kissing that I can think of.

Gone with the Wind, 5 reasons to kiss,

For those of you who un-valentine today, these benefits don’t only work for kissing your honey.  Give a child a peck on the head, smooch your puppy…it will brighten your day and make you happy!

pet kiss, 5 reasons to kiss, kiss for better oral health

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!


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