2012 Swim Line…so close we can almost taste it!

We are so excited! Our new swimwear is just about here!  Finally, after all the sneak-peeks and early previews (aka teasers) we are almost ready!  Kellie, our Warehouse Manager is hard at work organizing and making room for our new shipment.  Emilee, our Order Fulfillment Specialist is getting all the orders up to date in anticipation of all the new orders that will come in.  Dave, our Web Master is burning the midnight oil getting the new website ready to go live with the new swimwear and Roxanne, our Office Manager is interviewing and hiring for staff in various positions to make it ALL happen!  Busy little bees we all are 🙂

So time for one last teaser.  We made a quick collage of all the past sneak-peeks of the swimwear and put them into one great photo.

2012 divinita sole swimwear, diviine modestee swimwear, modest swimwear, women's swimwear, lands end swimwear

Don’t be fooled though.  The pictures above are not all the new surprises we have in store with this new line.  So stay tuned to either our Facebook, our website or right here on our blog.  We will let you know the MINUTE these swimsuits are available.  Be patient, we promise it will be worth it!


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