Swimsuit Sale-Low Prices for 3 Days Only!

This is your last chance this Spring to get a http://www.divinitasole.com/swimsuit by Diviine Modestee at a great price. For the next 3 days only, until Monday at midnight, swim top and bottom combo’s are only $64. Full retail is $119, normally available for $99, this is a great deal!

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Top and Bottom together only $64-Three Days Only


3 thoughts on “Swimsuit Sale-Low Prices for 3 Days Only!

  1. ahhh! I just barely found your website for the first time ever. Are you ever going to do this sale again? I could never pay $100 for a swimsuit without my husband choking….but $64 might be more convincing! PLEASE let me know if there is a way to get one still…..even if I have to travel somewhere to get it. Thanks!

    • Hi Kristina, Depending upon where you live, you could hit up one of our Costco Roadshows. Swimwear there is about 25% off our retail price. I’ve posted the Roadshow schedules here on the blog. I’m glad you found us though! And we do run sales towards the end of the summer usually, so keep an eye out for those as well. Thanks!

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