‘Like’ if you Remember this….


If you are on Facebook you have seen all the Age Test pictures…the posts and pictures that are supposed to make us feel nostalgically warm and fuzzy but really only make you feel old?  Those pics?  Yep.  I love vintage like everyone else (I’m listening to a Best of ’90’s station on iTunes right now, Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” if you’re curious) but when I saw four different Age Test pictures pop up in my newsfeed all in about 30 minutes, well…I decided we needed to join the fun!


This is one of our very first swimsuits from our 2006 debut Divinita Sole Swimwear line, the Banded Halter in Lollipop.  Isn’t it adorable? It’s been one of my all-time favorites and even though it’s “old” in the sense that there are newer prints, styles etc, I still sometimes wear it because it really is just that adorable.

*Notice also that although this swimsuit style is six years old, Diviine Modestee’s focus on modesty has not changed.  Our swimsuits in 2012 are just as modest as our swimsuits were in 2006.  

So go ahead and click ‘like’ whether you actually remember  this specific suit or not.  And feel free to “share” it as well!



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