Fall’s Best Shoe Trends


It may be hot now, but Fall is just around the corner!  With each season change, comes new trends and styles in Fashion, footwear included.  A recent article in InStyle Magazine talked about the best shoes for Fall, so we put together a quick picture guide of some of the best examples:

Shoe Trends for Fall


1.  Colorful Prints:  This striking shoe is the “Nita” from Penny Loves Kenny.  Patterns of all kinds are going to be popular this Fall in footwear.  Works perfectly with color-blocked outfits such as a pencil skirt and cardigan.

2.  T-Strap:  While I don’t think this trend is necessarily “new”, I still really love it.  I don’t know what it is, but a t-strap heel seems to really make shoes look sexy!  These cute gold wedges are “Bandana” by Dolce Vita

3.  Pointy Toes:  I’ll admit, these are not my favorite of the Fall Trends.  It seems like pointy toes were in style not that long ago and haven’t been gone long enough to be back! Anyway, these red pumps are “Rolene” by Guess

4.  Color-Block:  This is one of my favorite trends lately.  I love the color-block look, especially in a pencil skirt/cardigan combo like I mentioned above.  I’m thrilled to see this trend in footwear too.  “Petunia” by Renee

5.  Ankle Strap:  Like the T-strap, this isn’t “new”, but I like it and for the same reason I like the T-strap…so sexy!  Ankle strap shoes are also trending in flats as well.  These classic black heels are “Bulbli” by Ivanka Trump

6.  Colorful Snakeskin:  These flats are adorable!  What a cute combination of trendy polka dots and snakeskin texture.  I will admit that some of the snakeskin I looked at I was not a fan of, so this trend may take me a while to accept fully.  These cute flats are “Matinee” by The Cool People

7.  Menswear:  I am old enough to remember this trend from the 80’s and I think I’m glad it’s back.  I’ve seen menswear flats worn with skinny jeans and the look is very cute.  Give it a try!  These shoes are “Maebird” from Bass (who else would you expect for women’s menswear shoes?)

So that’s the run-down.  Which is your favorite? Which one are you anxious to try out this Fall?



3 thoughts on “Fall’s Best Shoe Trends

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