Dress Giveaway Winner!

“People don’t realize how much work goes into getting 20 friends to like a Fan Page! “<–I’m positive this is what our winner this week is thinking! We sure do appreciate the referrals from all our Fans, not just our winner this week. Even if you didn’t make it to 20 new friends liking us, we still appreciate the time you took and we look forward to interacting with our Fans, old and new.

Blah blah blah….

Get on with announcing the winner! right?

How excited would you be if it were you?

Would you be happy?

Or would you be HAPPY!?

Which one is it, Melanie Spendlove? She our winner this week, claiming a FREE MaKailee Dress in Blue! Melanie, shoot us an email with your preferred size and shipping address and we’ll get this dress right out to you! Thank you for consistently being a wonderful Fan of Diviine Modestee!

If this was you after reading this post, never fear…more contests and giveaways will be coming soon!



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