It’s voting time!

Pretend like you’ve been invited to two parties and need to decide which one to attend.  Do you go to this one:

Holiday Pinterest Party

Holiday Pinterest Party

Or do you go to this party:

Pinterest Party!

Holiday Pinterest Party!

(Click on each picture to get a better look at each Pinterest Board)

Well, since they are both imaginary Pinterest Holiday Parties, you don’t really have to worry about ditching one friend over the other. BUT…you can vote in our contest for which party you think is the most creative, yummy and fun! The winner will receive a FREE dress of their choice from Diviine Modestee. Go here to vote: Facebook Dress Giveaway and be sure to like our Facebook Page while you are there!

Happy Holidays!


2 thoughts on “It’s voting time!

    • Hi Jenny, we are sold out of quite a few, it’s true! If you can find one that is your size and available now, the price can’t be beat. We will have our new swimwear in our warehouse and online around March 1. Sadly, the prices will go back up to their original price, though. Thanks for your comment and hope this helps!

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