Diviine Digest 2013: Issue 1

It’s been a fun and eventful week for us….Here’s a round-up of just a few of our favorite happenings around Diviine Modestee this week:

Our favorite event this week: We’ve got brand new dresses! It’s always so exciting at our warehouse when new dresses arrive. Many customers have been waiting patiently for a modest LBD and we’ve got it, along with gorgeous oxblood/burgundy taffeta and this season’s hottest color: cobalt blue!

new dresses


Favorite Pins: Here’s a cute Valentine’s Door Wreath idea from LilLuna.com. Simple, easy to make and yet so adorable and unique, I’ve never seen anything like it. LilLuna is a great DIY Blog with recipes, decor, fashion…it’s an all-around fabulous blog:

valentines wreath,


Favorite Picture: This pin below can be found here: Diviine Modestee on Pinterest.  Be sure to follow us, pin us, like us. Why? Because we are an awesome, amazing and fabulous company with a great sense of style and humor too:

pinterest, shoe love, heels


Favorite Customer Comment:  I love this comment on our Facebook Page by our Fan, Brittaney. It gave me a fun mental image and made me laugh…

“While putting away some laundry tonight i came across my Diviine Modestee swimsuit and i thought, “MAN! I CANNOT WAIT to wear this again!” I absolutely LOVE my blue flounce halter!!! I’ve never felt (and LOOKED) so GOOD in a swimsuit before! I get SOOOO many compliments whenever i wear it! It ever so perfectly sucks it all in and makes me feel fabulous! And because it is so modest i’m able to run around with my little kids without constantly tugging, retying or making sure everything stays put! I will never purchase another swimsuit from any other company again and will continue sharing with everyone i know!! Can’t wait to see the 2013 line!Thanks Diviine Modestee!!!”

Honestly…how many times can we say we can’t WAIT to wear a swimsuit? Usually not often, am I right? Thanks Brittaney!


…and because I personally love shoes so much, here’s my favorite shoe post of the week, from our Facebook Post series “Saturday Shoe Love”:

Favorite Shoes: My life would be complete if only I had these shoes 🙂

saturday shoe love 14

Be sure to follow us on both Facebook and Pinterest so you see all the fun stuff FIRST! Watch for next week’s Diviine Digest for previews of our soon-to-arrive 2013 swimwear line. It’s going to be another fabulous week! 



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