Behind the Scenes: daisy petal girls Photoshoot

Recently we launched our new girls clothing line daisy petal. So much work goes into launching any new product, but the funnest part is the photoshoot. Seriously, this was THE funnest shoot in the whole world! I don’t think any one who participated called it ‘work’…the girls had a blast and we had a blast. After all, how can you not have a blast when surrounded by cupcakes, cookies and candy??

First we took the product shots. These are the photos that just show each product on each model.  The girls, Ella, MaKailee, Emmie and Ella, stormed through these photos like the pro’s they are in anticipation of what they called the ‘scenes’. Because really, who wouldn’t want to jump to the fun part: birthdays, teaparties, candy shoppes and cupcakes…


before you get the perfect smile, you’ve got to stretch out those facial muscles!

Bows must be perfect!

bows must be just so!

lighting, height and everything MUST be perfect!

lighting, height and everything MUST be spot on!

Then we cranked up the One Direction music (these girls are HUGE fans!) and let the girls have fun…not that they weren’t before…

First ‘scene’ (and favorite!) was the cookie baking. Our two Ella’s, known in the photoshoot as Blonde Ella and Brunette Ella, got to play with cookie dough. How many at the photoshoot will confess to having a bite? (me!)


tossing flour around, making it real!

good thing they're friends!

good thing they’re friends!

We partied, baked and took photos through lunchtime. After munching on sugarcookie dough and cupcakes it was time to feed these girls something healthy.


yum yum!

After lunch a few more pictures and then it’s a wrap!

texting my friends..."what are you doing? oh me? nothing...just a photoshoot!"

texting  friends…”what are you doing? oh me? nothing…just skipping school and modeling”

Our daisy petal models were so amazing…naturals, all of them! So much fun, we all want to do it again just as soon as possible!

Here’s a few of the actual photos from the photoshoot:

daisy petal collage

To see more photos, go to daisy petal girls. Which photos do you like the best? Let us know in the comments!



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