In honor of Teddy Bear To Work Day and in celebration of our Photo Contest, we’ve been creative! Here are some fun things we’ve created all about your favorite friend: Teddy.

Teddy bear to work, photo contest, giveaway, diviine modestee


teddy to work day, photo contest, giveaway, diviine modestee


teddy to work day, giveaway, photo contest, diviine modestee


Feel free to Pin your favorite. And don’t forget to enter our Photo Contest, you could win a FREE dress! Click on any one of the three pics above to go straight to our contest details!



Why kiss? Here’s a few good reasons

Happy Valentine’s Day to all our fabulous fans and followers!  Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your honey or whether you un-valentine, it never hurts to peck a few lips and here’s why:

1. Burns Calories.  Really, what’s funner a kiss or two, or time on the treadmill?  My vote is definitely a kiss or two, which will actually burn about 2 calories per minute.  Not much, but if you kiss for a while….well…you get the idea.

2. Better Dental Visits. The last thing you are thinking of while kissing a loved one is your teeth, other than how clean they are, but it’s true. Kissing results in more saliva being produced which in turn results in killing more mouth bacteria.  Just please make sure you don’t drool…

3.  It’s a Natural Pain Killer.  The next time you stub your toe or have a migraine, give a good smooch.  Kissing releases oxytocin, dopamine and endorphins.  Dopamine is responsible for feelings of pleasure and endorphins are known to relieve pain in the body and also lead to feelings of euphoria.  Perhaps this is why (true story) I actually had a doctor tell me to “visit my husband” the next time I had a migraine.  I never went back to him, but maybe he was actually on to something!

4.  Kissing is a Stress Reducer.  The oxytocin that our brain creates increases as we kiss.  Oxytocin is the hormone thought to reduce stress and also increase feelings of happiness.  

5.  Increases Your Emotional Connection.  The most important reason to kiss for sure!  Cavities, stress and pain aside, being emotionally connected to those we love is the BEST side effect of kissing that I can think of.

Gone with the Wind, 5 reasons to kiss,

For those of you who un-valentine today, these benefits don’t only work for kissing your honey.  Give a child a peck on the head, smooch your puppy…it will brighten your day and make you happy!

pet kiss, 5 reasons to kiss, kiss for better oral health

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Why You Need Blue

Blue is such a fabulous color.  For those of you Housewives fans, you probably noticed everyone showing up in blue for Adrienne’s dinner party a few weeks ago.  There’s a reason.  Anyone can wear blue.  Blondes, redheads, brunettes, pale skin, dark skin, blue eyes, brown eyes, green eyes. Blue is everyone’s friend.  Blue doesn’t discriminate and Blue will never let you down.

Blue is one of the Primary colors; and can range from light like a robins egg to deep and dark like the night sky.  Diviine Modestee has quite a few blue dresses, in several different hues and I’m going to highlight two of my favs:

This navy blue wrap dress on the right is the Taylor and it is a classic wrap dress.  The great thing about a wrap dress in general is that there is more versatility in sizing, so if you are like me and find your weight fluctuating according to whether Cadbury Mini-Eggs are in season or not, then this dress is a fantastic choice.

The dress below, is one of our newest designs called Serena. It’s not even available on our website yet!  But never-fear, you can still get this dress by calling our office.

As soon as this dress arrived in our warehouse i snagged mine and I absolutely LOVE it.  One of the best things about this dress:  you get to order it a size smaller than you normally would!  This dress makes me a Medium!  How can I complain about that??  On top of running a tad large, it is also extremely flattering on my problem area: the stomach.  It is such a beautiful and different shade of blue that it is a true stand-out.

Visit our website to see a few more dresses that Diviine Modestee offers in blue: the Brecken and the Madison.

We’ve got ourselves a Winner!

Thank you to all who entered our drawing for a FREE swimsuit.  Every single photo submitted depicted a beautiful woman looking fabulous in her swimsuit.  We’ll be featuring these photos on here on our Blog and on Facebook in the future.

Meanwhile….our winner for a free swimsuit giveaway is:

Lacey M!

Here is her photo that was randomly selected by a random number generator:

Lacey M and friend wearing Turquoise Flounce Halter and Teal Ruffle Square Halter

Congratulations Lacey!  Shoot me an email at sandy@diviinemodestee to collect your prize.

Thanks again to all who entered.  It was really cool to see Divinita Sole Swimsuits in action.  Everyone looked so amazing!

Why you need to enter our Swimsuit Giveaway

What’s in it for you?  Possibly a FREE swimsuit!  We want to see the photos you’ve taken this summer that show Divinita Sole Swimwear.  Why?  So that we can use your photos to show our customers and blog readers how real women look in our Perfect Fit Swimwear.  Any model can look hot in a bathing suit, but so can “regular” women!

All you have to do is email a photo of yourself or someone else who approves of you submitting their pic (we don’t want to surprise anyone!) in Divinita Sole Swimwear by Diviine Modestee to  One photo equals one entry and you can submit up to 10.  All the details can be found here.  We’ll select the winner by random drawing on Friday, September 16.

By entering your photo you acknowledge permission of Diviine Modestee to use your photo on our various social media sites.  Now’s your chance to be a swimwear model 😉

Costco Roadshow Schedule: Dresses

Our Utah Roadshow schedule for our Sweet Innocence Dresses is:

Murray: 9/2-9/11

Ogden: 9/2-9/11

Orem: 9/16-9/25

Lehi: 9/16-9/25

Bountiful: 9/16-9/25

Sandy: 10/21-10/30

Salt Lake City: 10/28-11/06

We have great dresses at these shows, including a couple that are so new that they aren’t even available on our website!  Fantastic prices, about 60% off MSRP, roughly.

If you live in Utah try your best to make it to one of these shows, you won’t be disappointed.

We’re having a Contest!

We want your photos! We’ll be giving away a FREE SWIMSUIT by random drawing on September 16th. All you have to do to enter is:

  • Read here for Rules
  • email us a photo of you in one of Divinita Sole by Diviine Modestee swimsuits to
  • Be a fan of Divinita Sole Swimwear and Sweet Innocence Dresses by Diviine Modestee on Facebook

Gals, this is an $89 dollar value (subject of course to our in-stock supply).  And even if you already have a swimsuit, it’s always good to have another.  Or give one as a gift.  Don’t let the fact that you already have a suit stop you from entering our contest.

Example of a photo entry

This is my cute daughter (ignore the fact that I’m obviously a fauxtographer because you can hardly see her face with the shadows) and also my example of a photo entry.  Your photo doesn’t have to be professional, but it DOES have to show one of our swimsuits.

Contest submissions end September 15, so don’t wait.  Submit your photo today.

Customer Appreciation Sale

We are so incredibly grateful to our amazing customers.  We LOVE the support you have shown to both our company and also your support of our recent Diviine Deed efforts.  Our customers definitely rock!  To show our appreciation, we are giving a 40% discount on everything on our website….dresses, swimwear, camisoles and best of all, 40% off of CLEARANCE!  Use coupon code thankyou to redeem your 40% discount on your order as our thank you to you!


Diviine ModesTee

An Addition to the Diviine ModesTee Family

A big congratulations to Natalie, Diviine ModesTee’s Bookkeeper, on the birth of her second daughter Brighton Estelle!  A fairly easy delivery after a fairly long labor.  And best yet, two hours after giving birth Natalie was up signing checks.  What a woman!

Look what a sweetie-doll Brighton is.  I love when babies sleep with their little arms all curled up around their face.  So sweet…

According to Mom, Brighton is already developing a unique personality and her big sister Addie loves her so much that she wants to be with her all the time, “helping”.  Mom is already back at work with sleeping baby by her side.  Yea…we won’t talk about how long it took me to get back to a normal routine.  Nope.

Congrats to Mom, Dad and big sis!