Goodbye 2013

It’s hard to believe that 2013 is over. We had such a successful year: we had new swimwear styles that we introduced in March, new women’s dress styles were added, and we launched two new clothing lines, our daisy petal girls clothing line in February and our Tres le Jen Juniors clothing line in October.

Every year we try to add new colors, new prints and new styles to our Divinita Sole Swimwear line and 2013 was no exception! We added Coral and Turquoise to our swim line, which brought vibrancy to our standard nautical colors. We also added a few new swim top styles:

Ruffle Ruched Tankini: Nautical Blue Stripe

Ruffle Ruched Tankini: Nautical Blue Stripe

Open-back Ruched Halter: Coral and Turquoise

Open-back Ruched Halter: Coral and Turquoise

Ruffle Bandeau Halters: Coral and Nautical Blue

Ruffle Bandeau Halters: Coral and Nautical Blue

Our new daisy petal girls line was a smash hit…it’s adorable styles and cute colors were the exact thing that moms and tweens were looking for when it came to style. Here are a few fun pieces from this line:

Chambray Flower Dress

Chambray Flower Dress

Purple Gumdrop Tulle Skirt and Petal Party Tee

Purple Gumdrop Tulle Skirt and Petal Party Tee

Tulle Dress: Blue Sherbet

Tulle Dress: Blue Sherbet

In late October we launched our much-awaited Junior’s dress line, Tres le Jen. Loosely translated from French Creole meaning “young and pretty”, Tres le Jen is designed specifically for the Juniors in mind who want to be trendy and in style but who may not fully appreciate the super-short lengths of dresses available in today’s market. These styles all feature a longer length. Mom will be thrilled to buy one for her daughter! Follow this new line on Facebook and Pinterest!

Tres le Jen: Carlie Dress

Tres le Jen: Carlie Dress

Tres le Jen: Hailey Dress

Tres le Jen: Hailey Dress

With so much new added for 2013, what can possibly be in store for 2014, you might ask. Don’t you fret…there is plenty! Watch for a new blog post coming soon and be sure to follow us on Facebook where we announce all new launches and sales first.

Here’s to 2014!


Denim and Lace

Denim and Lace
A fun way to style the  new Carlie Dress from our Tres le Jen Juniors line. We love this dress for its versatility: style it sweet or style it spunky. It’s up to you!


Thankful Tuesday Giveaway Winner

Hands-down our favorite day of the week is Tuesday. We LOVE Thankful Tuesdays! This week we asked our Facebook Fans to tell us something they are grateful for today and to also tell us something they love about the Vanessa dress. Really, what’s not to love?


Our winner had this to say about the Vanessa Dress: ” love that you can wear this dress without having to wear anything else to make it modest.”

And more importantly she was grateful for this today: “I am also grateful for my husband, John. He works extra hard to take care of our family”

Our winner is:  Becky Bunting!

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 10.09.16 PM

Message us through either our Facebook Page so we can get your new Vanessa dress to you! Thanks to all for participating 🙂

Choose the Shoes

I LOVE this series of posts!  I have so much fun flipping through the shoe styles on Polyvore, all the while wondering why the ones I like the best are so expensive.  Shoes are one of my favorite fashion items, and here’s why: When there’s a little extra weight on the body, not every clothing fashion item looks fantastic.  But you know what? Shoes ALWAYS look fantastic!

So here’s a set of shoes I found for the Sabrina dress.  Which one would you wear?

gold pumps, teal pumps, designer heels, turquoise dress, bridesmaid dress and shoes

Which Shoes Would you Choose?

I really love the ones in the lower right corner.  Classic pumps with a twist!

Review of the Serena

One of our fans, Xenia over at is sponsoring a review and a giveaway (a GIVEAWAY!) of one of our dresses.  She smartly choose the new Serena, which is hands-down my all-time favorite dress so far.

She has this to say, among other things of course, about the Serena:

Each time that I’ve worn this dress around, I’ve been impressed with how I’m able to look put together while feeling extremely at ease.

…which is the one thing that I am always thinking when I wear this dress: that I’m 100% comfortable.  The length is just perfect, so I’m not always yanking on it, the neckline fits and covers without a second thought and because it’s such a gorgeous dress I am also 100% comfortable with the fact that I look AMAZING when I wear it!

Just look how beautiful Xenia is:

 (btw…LOVE your hair Xenia!)

You can click on the picture to go to her website and read the full review.  You can also enter on her website for a giveaway, woot!  Extra entries for liking our Facebook page (if you don’t already) and following us on Twitter.

Or, you can go straight here: Sweet Innocence Dresses and buy this great dress right NOW! Use couponcode FREESHIPPING2011 for….free shipping!

And be a pal and tell your friends about her great giveaway at

Dare to Compare

With the Holidays right around the corner, most of us are looking for two things:

1) a great holiday dress

2) ways to trim the budget

Well, have we got a two-for-one deal for you then! When I received my Spiegel catalog in the mail last week, I noticed how similar one of their dresses was to one of Diviine Modestee’s dresses.  Here’s a comparison for you:

holiday dress, spiegel dress,

Honestly, you’d look awesome in both dresses, but with the $120 you save by purchasing the Vanessa, you could buy these hot shoes to wear with it….

zappos taupe heels

Or I suppose you could purchase that table saw your husband has on his christmas list…

Nah…shoes over table saw wins hands-down.