Another Dare to Compare

Our purpose for these Dare to Compare posts are two-fold: We really want our customers to know and realize the value of the dresses that they have purchased and are wearing, and we also want to let our potential new customers know that our brand and our dresses are to be truly trusted as a source of high-quality fashion. After all, our company motto is “Designing to a Higher Standard” and our designer takes this truly to heart.

Here’s a great dress from Nordstroms by Karen Kane:

I’m a little mesmerized by the shoes, because I LOVE them so……OK, this dress is sold for $118. It is described as:

“Karen Kane Faux Wrap Jersey Maxi Dress: A front slit creates a peek-a-boo glimpse of leg while adding ease of movement to an effortless maxi dress in slinky stretch jersey.

It’s a very pretty dress and a gorgeous navy color.  Now compare it to our Grace Dress:

Diviine Modestee sells this dress for only $72.  From our website, this dress is described as:

“Sleek v- neck faux wrap dress with chiffon trim for a soft, elegant touch. Perfect waist fit for a flattering silhouette.”

Both are made with Jersey fabric, which gives a soft and sleek look.  But ours has added chiffon trim at the neckline all the way down that edge and also along the bottom and the sleeves.  This chiffon trim gives this dress a bit of a fancier look.  Ours is a little shorter (easier to get around AND show off your shoes), sleeves are full-length rather than 3/4-length, but other than that, there is not a ton of difference!  Well, except for $46.00!!

If you want to look at a few of our other designer dress comparison’s, there’s one for the Vanessa and also for the Serena.


Why You Need Blue

Blue is such a fabulous color.  For those of you Housewives fans, you probably noticed everyone showing up in blue for Adrienne’s dinner party a few weeks ago.  There’s a reason.  Anyone can wear blue.  Blondes, redheads, brunettes, pale skin, dark skin, blue eyes, brown eyes, green eyes. Blue is everyone’s friend.  Blue doesn’t discriminate and Blue will never let you down.

Blue is one of the Primary colors; and can range from light like a robins egg to deep and dark like the night sky.  Diviine Modestee has quite a few blue dresses, in several different hues and I’m going to highlight two of my favs:

This navy blue wrap dress on the right is the Taylor and it is a classic wrap dress.  The great thing about a wrap dress in general is that there is more versatility in sizing, so if you are like me and find your weight fluctuating according to whether Cadbury Mini-Eggs are in season or not, then this dress is a fantastic choice.

The dress below, is one of our newest designs called Serena. It’s not even available on our website yet!  But never-fear, you can still get this dress by calling our office.

As soon as this dress arrived in our warehouse i snagged mine and I absolutely LOVE it.  One of the best things about this dress:  you get to order it a size smaller than you normally would!  This dress makes me a Medium!  How can I complain about that??  On top of running a tad large, it is also extremely flattering on my problem area: the stomach.  It is such a beautiful and different shade of blue that it is a true stand-out.

Visit our website to see a few more dresses that Diviine Modestee offers in blue: the Brecken and the Madison.

Meet your True Love in Diviine ModesTee Apparel??

I had a fun chat with a lady in our Boutique the other day. She was coming in to purchase a swimsuit but told us a fun story about her recent cruise and her dress that she purchased at Diviine Modestee.

At the end of May, she had the opportunity to go on a Singles Cruise to several ports in Mexico. A couple of days before her cruise she came to our Boutique to select a dress to wear on her cruise. She purchased the Carmen dress in Red/Cream and proudly wore it to one of the dressier events on her cruise. She caught the eye of a handsome gentleman while wearing the Carmen and feeling confident and attractive. He sidled up to her and introduced himself to her and they’ve been dating ever since!

True Romance…brought to you by Diviine Modestee.

Customer Comment of the Day

Beth says: “Thank you for offering such lovely modest options for us women who are not shaped like models”. I say AMEN to that! I had the good fortune of wearing one of our sample dresses on Sunday and all I could say was “Wow!” This dress on the left, the Taylor (coming this week!) took 10 lbs off my waistline. I didn’t look like the model in the photo, but dang-it…I looked good!

A Red, Red Rose

A Red, Red Rose
by Robert Burns

O my luve’s like a red, red rose.
That’s newly sprung in June;
O my luve’s like a melodie
That’s sweetly play’d in tune.

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and for those who don’t boycott the day (like my sister, Alena who works at a flower shop so can you blame her??) it is the season of love and romance. According to some sources Valentine’s Day is the number one day out of the entire year to receive a marriage proposal. And what should the stylish and modest modern woman wear on the day she may become engaged? Why a gorgeous red dress of course!AudreyWith this dress and a pair of killer pumps what man could resist proposing to his lady love?
As for my sister, the boycotter of all things Valentine-y? She and other Valentine’s haters can wear this lovely dress below until the mourning period is over at 12 Midnight February 14 and she’ll still look gorgeous and classy.

What am I wearing? Well, since Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday and my husband is tied up continually with meetings, etc this time of year I will be wearing sweats, I’m sure. Whatever you wear, enjoy yourself and hoard that chocolate!