PiperLime’s top 11 for Fall

Today I received an email from PiperLime with highlighting their Top 11 Trends for Fall.

PiperLime's Top 11 Trends for Fall

While I’m not super-excited for the 70’s Platforms (maybe they’ll grow on me) and Bellbottom Flares (really?? those were a Big Fail a few years ago…why throw these at us again?), there were a few items on this list that I was thrilled to see.

Faux Fur is fun, snuggly AND kind to animals, an extra bonus!

I have a ton of Pendants, glad to know I can still wear them.  Thank you PIperLime for putting Pendants on your list.

I LOVE the Hiker Boot look in general, just not the one they’ve shown, and have been keeping my eye out for a pair.  I think they’ll look cute and trendy with many skirts and dresses.

But best of all….Midi Skirts and Dresses!  Is that what this length is called?  I did not know this.  I just call it the Keeping-My-Large-Thighs-Covered-So-As-To-Be-Kind-to-The-General-Public-Length.   Coincidentally enough, guess who has a variety of Midi-Length Dresses and Skirts?  That’s right, Diviine Modestee.  Always at the fashion fore-front 🙂


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