Dress Photo Contest Winner

It’s a wonderful day to announce the winners of our 4th annual Dress Photo Contest. What better day than Valentine’s Day, right? so without any more delay, here are our winners:

1st Place:

April B. with this photo wearing her Kelsey dress getting 135 votes:

April B

1st Place – FREE dress of choice


2nd Place

Jeanetta H with this photo wearing her MaKenna dress getting 115 votes:

2nd Place - $50 gift certificate Winner

2nd Place – $50 gift certificate Winner

3rd Place:

A tie between Tonya W wearing her Vanessa Dress with 74 votes and Dinah H. wearing her Brecken Dress also with 74 votes.

3rd place - $25 gift certificate to Diviine Modestee

3rd place – $25 gift certificate to Diviine Modestee


3rd Place - $25 gift certificate to Diviine Modestee

3rd Place – $25 gift certificate to Diviine Modestee

Great job, ladies! email sandy@diviinemodestee.com to claim your prize, and thank you all for entering our Photo Contest. We love seeing the dresses in action and being worn by such lovely and beautiful women and girls.


Audrey Dress Winner

The winner of our last Facebook Thankful Tuesday Giveaway, winning a Cranberry Red Audrey Dress is:

Thankful Tuesday Giveaway Contest Winner

Thankful Tuesday Giveaway Contest Winner

Robin had this to say about who she was thankful for and what she loved about the dress: “I love the color, and the neck detail. I am thankful for my amazing husband who let’s me know everyday that he loves me.”

Robin: Congrats on winning the dress! Message us through our Facebook and let us know the size you’d like us to send you and also your shipping address.

We are kind of sad to see these Thankful Tuesdays come to an end…it’s been such a positive inspiration to us in our office and warehouse to read your comments each week. HOWEVER, we’ll be back with new and different giveaways soon!

Now as always to follow up our Thankful Tuesday Giveaway, we have the Diviine Deal on this dress. We are offering the Cranberry Audrey from our Sweet Innocence Dress Collection for 50% off this week only! It really is the perfect holiday dress. Here are the details (and just click on the photo to go directly there):

Now through Sunday only

Now through Sunday only

Diviine Deal: a first for our Daisy Petal girls line

We’ve never done a Diviine Deal with an item selected from our Daisy Petal Girls line, so this is exciting! The item we’ve chosen is our cute Tulle Dress at 40% off when code DPTULLE40 is used. Check these cute dresses out at Daisy Petal Girls Clothing! (and don’t you think $27 is a GREAT price for a dress for a tween??!)

thankful tuesday tulle dress email

Thankful Tuesday Giveaway Winner

Hands-down our favorite day of the week is Tuesday. We LOVE Thankful Tuesdays! This week we asked our Facebook Fans to tell us something they are grateful for today and to also tell us something they love about the Vanessa dress. Really, what’s not to love?


Our winner had this to say about the Vanessa Dress: ” love that you can wear this dress without having to wear anything else to make it modest.”

And more importantly she was grateful for this today: “I am also grateful for my husband, John. He works extra hard to take care of our family”

Our winner is:  Becky Bunting!

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 10.09.16 PM

Message us through either our Facebook Page so we can get your new Vanessa dress to you! Thanks to all for participating 🙂

Behind the Scenes: daisy petal girls Photoshoot

Recently we launched our new girls clothing line daisy petal. So much work goes into launching any new product, but the funnest part is the photoshoot. Seriously, this was THE funnest shoot in the whole world! I don’t think any one who participated called it ‘work’…the girls had a blast and we had a blast. After all, how can you not have a blast when surrounded by cupcakes, cookies and candy??

First we took the product shots. These are the photos that just show each product on each model.  The girls, Ella, MaKailee, Emmie and Ella, stormed through these photos like the pro’s they are in anticipation of what they called the ‘scenes’. Because really, who wouldn’t want to jump to the fun part: birthdays, teaparties, candy shoppes and cupcakes…


before you get the perfect smile, you’ve got to stretch out those facial muscles!

Bows must be perfect!

bows must be just so!

lighting, height and everything MUST be perfect!

lighting, height and everything MUST be spot on!

Then we cranked up the One Direction music (these girls are HUGE fans!) and let the girls have fun…not that they weren’t before…

First ‘scene’ (and favorite!) was the cookie baking. Our two Ella’s, known in the photoshoot as Blonde Ella and Brunette Ella, got to play with cookie dough. How many at the photoshoot will confess to having a bite? (me!)


tossing flour around, making it real!

good thing they're friends!

good thing they’re friends!

We partied, baked and took photos through lunchtime. After munching on sugarcookie dough and cupcakes it was time to feed these girls something healthy.


yum yum!

After lunch a few more pictures and then it’s a wrap!

texting my friends..."what are you doing? oh me? nothing...just a photoshoot!"

texting  friends…”what are you doing? oh me? nothing…just skipping school and modeling”

Our daisy petal models were so amazing…naturals, all of them! So much fun, we all want to do it again just as soon as possible!

Here’s a few of the actual photos from the photoshoot:

daisy petal collage

To see more photos, go to daisy petal girls. Which photos do you like the best? Let us know in the comments!


Claim your Facebook Offer!

We’ve got the beautiful Brooklyn dress as our Diviine Deal this week and we are offering it in the form of a Facebook Offer.

diviine deal, couponcode


All you have to do is click on the picture to see the Facebook Offer. Claim it, share it, buy it! This is a high-quality viscose dress that will not pill, fade or loose it’s shape. Perfect for any occasion, perfect for you!


Diviine ModesTee: Official Matchmaker

I had a fun chat with a lady in our Boutique the other day. She was coming in to purchase a swimsuit  from us but told us a fun story about her recent cruise and her dress that she purchased at Diviine Modestee.

At the end of May, she had the opportunity to go on a Singles Cruise to several ports in Mexico. A couple of days before her cruise she came to our Boutique to select a dress to wear on her cruise. She purchased the Sabrina dress and proudly wore it to one of the dressier events on her cruise. She caught the eye of a handsome gentleman while wearing the Sabrina and feeling confident and attractive. He sidled up to her and introduced himself to her and they’ve been dating ever since!

True Romance…brought to you by Diviine Modestee.